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AD2AD doesn’t cost — it saves.

For most, AD2AD cuts costs in half.

When you add up all the steps involved, each classified ad takes a lot of time.
In fact, the average manual phoned-in classified order takes 10 minutes

  • Create a customer record and transcribe an ad
  • Manage billing or process a credit card
  • Handle scheduling
  • Format the ad for printing,  and proofread/spell check the ad

AD2AD cuts that process down to 5 minutes or less.

10minuteAd.png   AD2ADAD.png

Calculate your own costs and savings

Get out a stopwatch and time your own staff. Discover their average time to place an ad.
Enter your hourly costs and calculate your savings with AD2AD

Manual Ad
Your staff's minutes per ad << enter your value
Your staff's salary, in $/hour << enter your value
Your cost per Ad $ 1.67
Average minutes per ad: 5

Your savings per ad with AD2AD $ .83


Customer ad placement — another cost saver

On average, when AD2AD is used, 40% of ads are placed by customers — no staff time at all.



Calculate your own costs and savings

Enter your ads per issue and calculate your savings with AD2AD
Your average number of ads/issue << enter your value
Staff places 100% of ads at average speed
100 * 1.67= $ 167.00
Staff costs/issue $ 167.00
Staff places only 60% of ads -- at AD2AD's average 5 min/ad
60 * .83= $ 49.80
Total savings per issue with AD2AD $ 117.20


AD2AD doesn’t cost — it pays.

You’ll increase your revenue with AD2AD

New AD2AD customers typically find results like these — or better:

  • An increase in the number of ads — typically at least 15-20%
  • An increase in length of individual ads placed by customers — typically 15-20%
  • An increase in print upsells — customers are 40% more likely to buy a print upsell when they buy online — typically adding $1 - $2 on 20% of customer placed ads. (You of course, decide what to charge for these)
  • Web-only upsells on customer placed ads — typically adding $1 - $2 on 20% of customer placed ads. (You of course, decide what to charge for these)

Calculate your own revenue improvement

Enter your average price per ad and calculate your increase with AD2AD
Your average price per ad $    << enter your value

Before AD2AD
Base -> 100 * $ 10 = $ 1000                
                Issue Value before AD2AD $ 1000

After AD2AD*
20% increase in ads = 20 ads
20% increase in length of customer ads = 48 ads @ 20% more
$2 print upsells in 20% of customer ads = 10 ads @ $ 2 more
$2 web upsells in 20% of customer ads = 10 ads @ $ 2 more
Base -> 120 ads * $ 10 = $ 1200
Length -> 48 ads * $ 10 * 20% = $ 96
Print upsells -> 10 ads * $ 2 = $ 20
Web upsells -> 10 ads * $ 2 = $ 20

Issue Value after AD2AD $ 1336
* values ahown are typical of increaes after introducing AD2AD.        
   Your mileage may vary.


AD2AD’s Simple Pricing Model:

Pay only for what you use.

With AD2AD, you pay a single flat fee per ad. You pay only when you use the system.


That’s it.


No setup fees. No maintentance fees. No training fees. No tech support fees. No minimum fees.


A whole lot of free

10 free ads/month  (free means no AD2AD fees to you!)

Free ads you run for press associations, etc (CAN ads, etc)

Free ads upon request for special promotions you want to run

All your “legacy” ads — ads you have running when you start the system are free. You only pay for new ads once the system is up and running.


We price based on OUR costs — not your revenue.

Our flat fee applies whether you get $5 or $500 for your ad. It’s not a percentage — it’s a flat fee. You always know your costs.


How we set pricing

We don’t quote a price until we’ve had a chance to show you a live, personalize system and work with you. You’ll find out if AD2AD does what you need. We’ll find out about you and your business — and better understand your needs and the sort of support you’ll require.


We start with a base estimate— currently $.86 — and adjust based on a variety of pricing factors.


Our minimum price is $.46, the maximum is $1.26. Once we understand your needs and our pricing parameters, we’ll make a completely arbitrary judgment call — one we have to live with, since your price stays the same whether we guess right or wrong — and quote an exact price.



“Like getting a Ferrari
for the price of a skateboard.”

— Geoff Hancock, The SanTan Sun



The Bottom Line — More Profits

See the results!

Values you’ve entered:

Number of minutes it takes your staff to place an ad  
10   <<  Change 
Your typical staff’s salary in  $ / hour
$ 10   <<  Change  
Your average number ads per issue
100   <<  Change
Your average ad price  
$ 10   <<  Change


Select your price and see your profit       << Choose from Baseline / Maximum/ Minimum

Before AD2AD

Issue value before AD2AD$ 1000.00
Staff costs before AD2AD$ 167.00


Net profit before AD2AD


   $ 833.00

After AD2AD*
Issue value after AD2AD$ 1336.00
Staff costs after AD2AD$ 49.80
AD2AD flat fee (total)
    (Based on Baseline fee - $.86 /ad)
$ 103.20


Net profit after AD2AD


   $ 1183.00

42% better with AD2AD 


* values ahown are typical of increaes after introducing AD2AD.        
   Your mileage may vary.


Wait, there’s more!

AD2AD delivers lots of other money-saving features

These are harder to quantify — but they can add a real boost to your profits.

  • Email Billing
    Give your billed customers the option of receiving bills by email — and paying on the web.
    Snail-mail is so 20th Century

  • Email Renewals
    Email ad renewals instead of dialing for dollars. Email notices are automatic, personalized, and include a one-click, renew by web link. Email renewal notices have proven to be 90% as effective as phone renewal solicitations — but they take no staff time.

  • Website Classifieds
    No more downloading, formatting, uploading, replacing, archiving ads on your website. No more hassling with a webmaster. With AD2AD, ads on your website happen automatically, with no staff involvement.

Why wait? Act now!

You’re losing money every day you aren’t using AD2AD.

You’ll be glad you did!


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